As your pickleball game advances, so too should your paddle. At Chill Pickle, we’ve expertly crafted some of the best pickleball paddles for intermediate players on the market using the highest quality materials available. Each of our Makai intermediate level pickleball paddles is USAPA-approved and designed to deliver the perfect balance between power and precision.

Featuring a textured carbon fiber face available with either a 13mm or 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core, the Makai pickleball paddle surface is harder than fiberglass and capable of evenly dispersing energy from ball-to-paddle contact. With our proprietary Spinzation Texture, this intermediate pickleball paddle generates jaw-dropping spin for impossible-to-return shots that will help you level up your game like never before.

What to Look for in an Intermediate Pickleball Paddle

If you already have some pickleball experience under your belt, finding the right intermediate paddle is the natural next step in securing your place as ruler of the court. At Chill Pickle, we’ve constructed our Makai pickleball paddles with intermediate players in mind, offering unique features like:
Force-Flex Carbon Fiber Face:
Harder than fiberglass and capable of evenly dispersing energy from ball-to-paddle contact, the Force-Flex Carbon Fiber face offers an amazing balance of power and precision.
Proprietary Spinzation Texture:
Complete with our proprietary Spinzation Texture, the Makai pickleball paddle is capable of producing incredible spin for impossible-to-return shots that level up your game in no time.
Polypropylene Honeycomb Core:
Available in both 13mm and 16mm, our polypropylene honeycomb core offers a tremendous amount of touch for dinks and drop shots.
Force-Flex Carbon Fiber:
Each Makai pickleball paddle comes fully covered with Force-Flex Carbon Fiber with an integrated paddle and handle for added strength and stability on the court.
Palm-Tac Ridged Grip:
Our special Palm-Tac Ridged Grip anchors your hand to the paddle, keeping it secured in place to prevent unwanted paddle roll and slippage during game play.
Shred the wave of improvement with this intermediate pickleball paddle anchored to your palm — shop the Makai series!

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