Pickleball Accessories

Chill Pickle isn’t just dedicated to offering the best pickleball paddles available. We’re also committed to equipping players with everything they need to embrace the calm before the court. From cooling towels and paddle covers to paddle erasers and outdoor pickleballs, we offer a wide range of pickleball accessories that will help you take your game to the new heights!

Cooling Towels

Explore our selection of super-absorbent cooling towels designed to keep unwanted moisture in check, featuring ultra-breathable Dacron fabric that dries quickly and efficiently.

Outdoor Pickleballs

Available in packs of four, six, and twelve, our outdoor pickleballs are each rotation molded for seamless construction and superior durability on the court, helping you keep the good times dinking!

Palm-Tac Pickleball Paddle Replacement Grips

Created from wear-resistant, anti-skid PU leather, the Chill Pickle line of Palm-Tac Pickleball Paddle Replacement Grips are the perfect solution for combatting unwanted slippage and paddle roll during game play.

Palm-Tac Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

Get a grip on your paddle with the Palm-Tac Pickleball Paddle Overgrips designed to wrap over your existing paddle grip to offer more tack and longer life for worn-out, slippery paddle grips.

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