At Chill Pickle, we strive to provide the highest quality pickleball paddles available by utilizing superior technology, materials, and craftsmanship to deliver the best equipment at a budget-friendly price point for players at every stage of the game. We understand that there are lots of pickleball paddles to choose from, so what exactly makes our paddle options the best?

We’re glad you asked!

Chill Pickle has gone above and beyond, researching and testing various shapes and materials to offer the best available combination. Our paddles are specifically designed to strike the perfect balance of paddle face size and handle length so players can enjoy ultimate precision and power on the court.

Beginner Pickleball Paddles

Constructed with beginner pickleball players in mind, our Woosa beginner pickleball paddles feature a layered composite Power Fiberglass face and 10mm reactive polypropylene honeycomb core for effortless power shots and devastating returns. Don’t let the tropical print lull you into a false sense of security — the Woosa packs a punch that will leave your opponents breathless.

Intermediate Pickleball Paddles

Our Makai intermediate pickleball paddles are USAPA-approved and feature a textured carbon fiber face available with a 13mm or 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core, striking the perfect balance between power and precision with a unique design that helps you shred the wave of improvement game after game.

Professional Pickleball Paddles

Designed specifically for competition picklers, our Kahuna professional pickleball paddle is constructed with a T700 Raw Carbon Fiber Xtreme-Impact Face with either a 14mm or 16mm adaptive polypropylene honeycomb core and vibration-dampening foam around the edges and handle for true performance perfection.

Whether you’re a power-focused player or looking for greater touch and control, our pickleball paddles deliver the performance boost you seek while offering a tropical feel that brings an added layer of fun and style to every game. After all, it’s just pickleball!

Single Paddles

Paddle Kits

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